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Being a professional firm that provides assurance services, compliance to applicable professional and ethical requirements is mandatory. The management of the firm highly regards compliance to professional, legal and ethical standards as a key governance and operational element of the firm.

The management of the firm has formulated and activated internal policies, procedures, and statements to enhance compliance. Firm’s professionals and non-professional staff are required to embrace the firm’s pronouncements as part of their operating tools. Non compliance to the set statements, policies and procedures is an act that subject a staff to employment termination.

Providing high quality and comparatively distinguished services is an objective embodied in the firm’s vision. Meeting client’s expectations and maintaining the acceptable performance level is our key quality objective.

The firm is committed to providing high quality services by enhancing compliance to professional standards and regulatory requirements. As a means of operationalizing this commitment, the firm’s Quality Control Policies and Procedures have been formulated and an effective quality management system is in place.

Firm’s staff are committed to comply with the set policies and procedures when performing professional engagements. Firm’s staff are also committed to apply a high degree of professionalism and comply with the professional ethical requirements.

With this statement the firm is expressing its promise to serve clients while observing high quality professional and ethical standards so as to meet and if possible, surpass clients’ expectation


CPA. Wawa Layda

Managing Partner

July 27, 2020